• Choosing a Pediatrician

    9.30.14 by Dr. Berman

    Little Laura explains why it is important to choose a pediatrician for your child’s care. Laura will also show you how to use the Find A Pediatrician tool on, and give some great facts about pediatricians. For instance, do you know what F-A-A-P stands for? Video courtesy

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    • Treating Your Child’s Cold or Flu

      9.30.14 by Dr. Berman

      Young children get an average of 8 to 10 colds every year. Each cold can last 2 weeks or longer, and although you can’t make it go away any faster, here’s what you can do to make your child feel more comfortable. This video is courtesy

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      • Fever

        9.30.14 by Dr. Berman

        This cool little episode is on the HOT topic of fever! Little Laura walks parents through taking their child’s temperature and gives important info about fever medicine. As always, you can get more information from our website,, and of course from your pediatrician. This video is courtesy

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